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London Month of the Dead - Present, Present and Future, October 2020, A series on death curated by Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation supporting Brompton and Kensal Green cemeteries
The Corpse Gives LifeDeath and debauchery
Over My Dead BodySaints of the Underworld
Poppet Making WorkshopA Guided Tour of Brompton Cemetery
Butterfly Setting Workshopbat Skeleton Mounting workshop
The Witching HourThe Five Fingered Beast
Tales of BeyondNunheaed Cemetery Tour
Monsters in the MirrorThe Resurrection Men
An Evening of Shadow PuppetryGuided Tour of Kensal Green Cemetery
A Guided Tour of Abney Park CemeteryBurial Rituals of Anglo Saxon London
Metropolitan murdersO Mummy Where Art Thou
A Guided Tour of West Norwood CemeterySparkling Cyanide
A History of HellThe Bloody Nun
Mysteries of the MausoleaFrom Beyond the Grave
Inside the Mind of a MurdererPsychopomps and Lands of the Dead
Make your own Memento MoriDead Man's Place
We All Know How This EndsA beginners workshop in Scrying
A Dream Incubatuon WorkshopPlague at the Clerk's Well
Tower Hamlets Guided TourA guided tour of Kensal Green Cemetery
Embracing thre BeastDeath Lines - London's Cinematic Horror History
Vampires of LondonLying in Darkness, Dreaming of Death
Master of Menace, Lover of LifeTour of Forgotten Burial Grounds
I don't believe in no ghostsAleister Crowley
The Devil You KnowThe Sin Eaters
Near Death ExperiencesAudio Guided Tours
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