Butterfly setting and preservation
The FLIGHT OF THE SOUL - Insect Taxidermy
Butterfly setting and preservation in the cemetery with Suzette Field
Saturday 8th October from 11:00 am

Suzette Field introduces you to the fascinating world of insect taxidermy. For over 300 years, entomologists and collectors have mounted butterflies and other insects for taxonomic reference or to create breathtaking visual displays. Such collections can be found lurking in museum archives and are often kept in meticulous condition in display cases and cabinets.

There has been a recent renaissance in the use of insect displays in art (most notably in the work of Damien Hirst) and this class will introduce you to the skills and techniques used in setting butterflies. You will leave with own set butterflies and there will be an opportunity to discuss further display options for any projects you have in mind.

The workshop will begin with a talk on the biology of insects with further instruction on the hydration, setting, pinning and drying of specimens.

This is a beginners' course with no experience required and you will be able to take the set butterflies you create home with you as a souvenir.

Tickets £35 including a gin cocktail. Please click here to buy.

Brompton Cemetery Chapel