A Curious Invitation present London Month of the Dead

A Guided Tour of Tower Hamlets Cemetery
Sunday the 8th October at 11:00 am

Tower Hamlets cemetery was opened in 1841, the last of London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries established to relieve the burden on the City’s burial grounds. It was the graveyard of the East End and in Victorian times it specialised in “common” graves, where bodies were buried in communal plots for 23 shillings (as opposed to 63 shillings for a private plot). Its noted residents include early members of the Labour movement.

The Cemetery Club blog describes burial grounds as “libraries of the dead – beautiful spaces which are now cradles for nature, heritage and remarkable stories that have faded from common knowledge.” Our tour guide will give you his own readings from the rich history of the East End via the headstones of Tower Hamlets cemetery.

Tickets £10. Please click here to buy.

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