Forgotten Burial Grounds of the City

Forgotten Burial Grounds in the City - A Guided Tour
with Robert Stephenson
Sunday 22nd October 2023 at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm

In the shadows of towering edifices, behind weathered walls and beyond forgotten gateways, the secrets of the capital's deceased lie dormant, awaiting the discerning eyes of the curious. On this guided tour, historian and esoteric London guide, Robert Stephenson will take you on a journey of the macabre, peeling back the layers of time to reveal the resting places of London's illustrious and ordinary souls alike. Each location holds its own story, whispering echoes of past lives and untold histories that have been obscured by the passage of time.  

Tickets £12 including a 20% donation toward a host of restoration projects at Brompton Cemetery. Please click here to buy.

Robert Stephenson
is a qualified City of London Culture and Heritage guide and a trustee at Kensal Green and Brompton cemeteries. He teaches on London and death studies. Robert is also chairman of the National Federation of Cemetery Friends.