A torchlit walk through the cemetery and magic shadow show at Kensal Green Cemetery on Saturday 30th September 2023 from 7:00 pm

Within a dimly lit cemetery chapel, The Shadowgrapher will conjure a symphony of endearing yet uncanny characters, brought to life with naught but a flickering light, two spectral hands, and a canvas of shadow. Each figure is a masterpiece, breathing life into the enigmatic space that lies between the known and the obscure.

Prepare to be spellbound by a show-stopping shadow duet, an artful dance between light and darkness, as though the spirits themselves have stepped forth from the netherworld. The Shadowgrapher will draw you deeper into the abyss, where rabbits, in their haunting innocence, engage in behaviors that mirror the shadows' haunting dance. From the silver screen, otherworldly beings of fame and dread weave their way into the narrative, their luminous existence casting eerie silhouettes on the mind.

Tickets £15 including a delightful Victorian punch and a 20% donation toward a host of restoration projects at Kensal Green Cemetery. Please click here to buy.

Award winning international hand shadow performer Drew Colby has played and worked with puppets since the age of five. Mainly self-taught, his work has toured to theatres and venues on five continents, and has been seen on television - notably "Not Going Out" (BBC), "8 out of 10 Cats does Countdown" (C4), "Game of Talents" (ITV) and "Trust" (BBC). Drew has won awards including the 2018 Phoenix Arts Club cabaret award on the West End in London and the audience choice award for Best Show at the 2019 Newcastle Puppetry Festival. He came third in Germany’s Got Talent in 2021.





The Venue - Brompton Cemetery