Guided tour of Abney Park Cemetery
A guided tour of Abney Park cemetery with the Doyennes of Death
Saturday 26th October 2019 from 2:00 pm

MEETING PLACE FOR THE TOUR: By the main Egyptian gates entrance, which is 215 Stoke Newington High Street. Please arrive promptly for 2:00 pm as the tour will set off shortly after.

Cemeteries are our outdoor archives. Tangible time capsules. Accessible fragments of our collective heritage and individual tales of love and loss. Join Doyennes of Death, as they pay homage to the fearless women interred in Abney Park cemetery – pioneers who ripped up the rule books and whose stories are inspiring, surprising, and poignant.

The nurse whose two-fingered salute to bureaucracy invoked the wrath (and later respect) of Florence Nightingale; the Suffragette incarcerated and force-fed in Holloway Prison; and the aeronaut who risked life and limb navigating her hot air balloon above England’s skyline: these women both suffered and soared in making their marks in their landscapes and ours.

Abney Park has its performers and humanitarians too, including the famed ‘Wizard Queen and Mesmerist’ and one of the first female cross-dressing music hall superstars who took aim at the swells of the day in song. Behind every great man is (another) great woman: the Mother of the Salvation Army was as much a tour de force in creating the organisation as her husband was.

Tickets for this event have now sold out.

Doyennes of Death
Doyennes of Death is the brainchild of cemetery historians Romany Reagan and Samantha Perrin: a two-woman team of storytellers who share their love of history and the remarkable lives of the interred from a feminine perspective. A mix of tragic figures and fearless avengers, Doyennes of Death tours celebrate the lives of London’s forgotten heroines amongst the crumbling stones and grey ladies. It’s Victoriana with brass knuckles.

Venue - The Dissenters' Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, London (ticket includes a tour of the catacombs)