London Month of the Dead - Present, Present and Future, October 2019, A series on death curated by Antique Beat and A Curious Invitation supporting Brompton and Kensal Green cemeteries
On extinctionCemetery of All Souls
Insect taxidermy workshopCemeterrariums
Tales of BeyondHow Vincent Price fell in love in Kensal Green Cemetery
In search of the gothic revivalBrompton Cemetery tour
Egyptian Book of the DeadThe Forensics of Agatha Christie
Erotic Death ArtMarchesa Casati
Mysteries of the MausoleaNunhead cemetery tour
A History of the ApocalypseWalkies in the Paradise Garden
Walkies in the Paradise GardenPost-mortem photography
Ghosts of ExtinctionPalermo Catacombs
Skeletons in the ClosetThe Old Mortuary
acts of Goddeath wish
how to get away with murderDeath and the Maiden
Deviant BurialsMummies Medicine and Magic
Execution sites of LondonLiterary Suicides
Execution sites of LondonLiterary Suicides
Abney Park Cemetery tourBram Stoker and Dracula in London
The VampireSpiritual Vampires
der vampyrst bride's charnel house
Frankenstein Phanatsmagoria
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