Inside the mind of a psychopathic killer with Jennifer Rees
At Brompton Cemetery Chapel on Saturday 19th October 2019 from 3:00 pm

The word “psychopath” comes from the Greek words for “mind” and “suffering”, but what causes a person to want to inflict suffering on others? In her talk Jennifer Rees will look into the brain patterns and behaviour of violent psychopaths, exploring different motivations for violence, using case studies of serial killers, some of who you may never have heard of before.

The talk will explain why so many psychopaths engage in sadistic behaviour and how it is that some killers can lead such normal lives, evading the suspicion of even their closest friends and family.

At the end of the talk you will be invited to take a screener for the condition, based on forensic profiling techniques. Might you secretly have psychopathic tendencies? Rest assured: all test results will be treated in the strictest confidentiality.

Tickets for this event have now sold out.

Jennifer is a Forensics Lecturer who teaches CSI and forensic psychology in Further and Higher Education. Previously, she has been a trainer on the Certificate in Knowledge of Policing, training Policing recruits on interviewing techniques, as well as dealing with suspects, witnesses and victims. Having trained in counselling and psychotherapy for four years, she was one of 50 Healthcare Professionals selected by Google and Johnson & Johnson to write a Whitepaper recommendation for the NHS, where she was appointed the Vice Chair for mental health provision. In 2018 she was subsequently invited by the Youth Health Parliament to speak at the European Health Parliament in Brussels. In addition, Jennifer has graduated from Birkbeck's Institute for Criminal Policy Research with a Masters in Criminal Law (LL.M).






The Dissenters' Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, London. Ticket includes tour of the catacombs.