An Audio Guided Tour and Map Book with Claire Slack and Kenneth Greenway

In this audio guide, listeners will explore the rich history of the East End via the headstones of Tower Hamlets cemetery.

Tower Hamlets cemetery was opened in 1841, the last of London’s Magnificent Seven cemeteries established to relieve the burden on the City’s burial grounds. It was the graveyard of the East End where it came to meet the challenges of an expanding population and increasing poverty. Regardless several celebrated burials took place among the “common” graves, where bodies were buried in communal plots for 23 shillings (as opposed to 63 shillings for a private plot).

- An A5 full colour map and guide book
- Each book comes with a download or streaming code so that you can take your tour at any time alone or with a friend

PRICE - £8 + postage (Get your pre-sale copy now. The Tower Hamlets audio guide and map book will not be ready until the 15th June 2021)