Two Ghost Stories for Christmas by M. R. James with Nunkie Theatre
On Sunday the 10th December 2023 at 7:00 pm

M. R. James (1862 - 1936) is largely regarded as Britain's finest master of ghoulish suspense and supernatural fiction. He began writing his ghost stories as an entertainment for his friends at King's College Cambridge where he would read a new tale each year at Christmas.

In celebration of a great literary beginning, we invite you to join us at Guys Hospital Chapel, to gather above the crypt and discover by candlelight how James’ gothic imagination still has the power to terrify and amuse.

This gripping one man show performed by Nunkie Theatre retells two of the earliest and eeriest ghost stories. In Lost Hearts, a young orphan is sent to live with his uncle, where he encounters the ghosts of two children who were victims of his uncle's quest for immortality through a gruesome ritual involving the removal of their hearts. In A Warning to the Curious, an amateur archaeologist discovers a legendary crown believed to protect England, but his excavation unleashes a vengeful ghost determined to guard the sacred artifact.

Tickets £16 including a delightful gin cocktail and 20% donation to Guy's and St Thomas' Charity. Please click here to purchase.

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