DISSECTING THE PAST - Medicine and the Gothic imagination
An in-person talk at Guy's Hospital Chapel with Roger Luckhurst
on Sunday the 20th March 2022 at 4:00 pm

The 19th Century saw a revolution in the medical profession including the administering of the first anaesthetic, the performing of the first blood transfusion and heart operation, the development of the first vaccines and the discovery of X-Rays.

These scientific advances provided a rich source of inspiration for the gruesome Gothic imagination. From Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, a tale of medical hubris, to Robert Louis Stevenson’s pharmaceutical sorcery in Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde to H.G. Wells’s monstrous vivisectionist Dr Moreau, the mysteries and power of medicine created a new Gothic environs, far removed from the remote castle and a step closer to where a reader might find themselves a victim.

The medical discoveries of the present day have continued to add to the pantheon of Gothic horrors, as the very boundary between life and death becomes blurred.

In this illustrated talk in the chapel at Guy’s Hospital in London, author Roger Luckhurst will trace the path across the decades of this distinctive strand of the Gothic ethos.

Tickets £12 including a Gothic Punch and 20% donation to the DEC Red Cross Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Please click here to purchase.

Roger Luckhurst
Roger Luckhurst has written lots of books on science fiction, horror and the Gothic. His previous publications include The Mummy's Curse: The True Story of a Dark Fantasy and critical studies of the films The Shining and Alien. His most recent book, "The Gothic: An Illustrated History" published by Thames and Hudson came out last October.

Image credit - Interior of a dissecting room with cadavers laid out on tables. Drawing by Paul Renouard, 1906. Public domain courtesy of Wellcome Trust.