A Journey Along Britain's Corpse Roads with Stuart Dunn
on Saturday 7th October 2023 from 1:30 pm

In a time before paved roads stretched across the country, communities faced unique challenges in laying their deceased to rest in hallowed ground. Join us on a journey through the intriguing world of "corpse roads” - ancient trackways used to carry the departed to their final resting places. These routes were vital for preserving burial rights held by regional "mother" churches, and they became rich in beliefs, folklore, and superstitions.

Discover Britain's best-known corpse roads as we explore the tales of hauntings, local mysteries, and the superstitions that have become woven into their history. Along the way, we'll unearth evidence of communities fiercely defending their right to traverse these sacred paths against encroaching landowners and officialdom.

In this talk, Stuart Dunn will delve into the social history of remote rural communities and how their relationship with the land was intimately intertwined with these ancient pathways. Join us as we walk through the echoes of the past, learning about the fascinating stories and traditions that have endured along the ghostly trails of Britain's corpse roads.

Tickets £12 including a 20% donation toward a host of restoration projects at Kensal Green Cemetery. Please click here to buy.

Stuart Dunn
Stuart Dunn is Professor of Spatial Humanities at King’s College London. He is interested in the history, archaeology and myth of landscapes, and how stories about them are told. His current research concerns spatial narratives in the digital world, and how digital methods can enrich our understanding of landscapes in both the past and the present.





The Venue - Brompton Cemetery