An Audio Guided Tour and Map Book with Lauren Barnett

In this audio guide, listeners will explore the streets of Chelsea to discover a roll call of locations from classi horror films.

What could be less horrifying than the King’s Road on a sunny afternoon? The area’s glistening shop fronts and fashionable history may seem immune to horror, but during the Swinging Sixties, Chelsea was home to the Rolling Stones and Mary Quaint and subsequently the area provided the backdrop for many classic horror films including A Clockwork Orange, Dracula A.D. 1972 and Theatre of Blood among others…. On this walk we will learn how the tensions of Chelsea’s Swinging London inspired tales of terror from satanic rituals to gruesome murder.

Lauren Barnett is a writer and lecturer with an interest in how we visualise death and dying. She has been published in journals and art magazines including HARTS & Minds and Photomonitor and leads guided walks inspired by horror cinema. Her walking guide of London’s horror movies is coming out in 2021 with Strange Attractor Press.

- An A5 full colour map and guide book
- Each book comes with a download or streaming code so that you can take your tour at any time alone or with a friend

PRICE - £8 + postage