BUILT ON BONES - 15,000 Years of Urban Life, Death and Decay
A Live, Illustrated Zoom Talk with Historian Brenna Hassett
Thursday 17th June 2021 at 7:00 pm

Imagine you are a hunter-gatherer some 15,000 years ago. You've got a choice - carry on foraging, or plant a few seeds and move to one of those new-fangled settlements down the valley. What you won't know is that urban life is short and riddled with dozens of new diseases; your children will be shorter and sicklier than you are, they'll toil long back breaking hours, and stand a decent chance of a violent death at the point of a spear.

This is one of the questions Brenna Hassett examines in her work as a bio-archeologist, an occupation that has led her to excavate and study skeletons from the earliest proto-villages in Turkey to the 17th century Londoners hidden in St Bride's Crypt on Fleet Street.

In this talk Brenna Hassett, discusses how every step of the way on our urban evolutionary journey we have found new adaptations — and new ways to die. From domesticating diseases to launching wars, this talk will take in a whole host of ways that our cities have been built on bones.

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Brenna Hassett
Brenna Hassett is an archaeologist who specialises in using clues from the human skeleton to understand how people lived and died in the past. She has excavated Roman-period burials near the Giza pyramids, surveyed every last inch of a remote Greek island (with a goat-to-human ratio of 350:1) famous for the Antikythera mechanism which is recognised as the oldest analogue computer in the world, looked intently for slag at the foot of a Buddhist monastery in northern Thailand and drunk whiskey watching twilight fall over Cappadocia at the beautiful nearby site of Asikli Höyük. Originally from the United States, she completed her Ph.D at University College, London, and has been based at London's Natural History Museum since 2012.

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