THE WORLD WITHOUT US - The future, fatality and Facebook
A salon in the cemetery with Dr John Troyer and James Norris
Sunday 26th October from 1 to 3 pm

Please note the map on your tickets is pointing to the wrong location. Click here for directions to the Dissenters' Chapel

The choices for death are increasing. DR JOHN TROYER of Bath University's Centre for Death and Society gives a glimpse into new and coming technologies of 'disposal' including green burial, freeze drying, sonic boom dispersion and holographic graveyards. He poses the question “What do you want done with your body when you die?’ and provides some possible answers with thoughts on Future Death, Future Dead Bodies, and Future Cemeteries with some surprising facts for Londoners.

What will happen to our online life when we’re gone? Is a social media presence possible in the hereafter? JAMES NORRIS, the founder of DeadSocial, will pose the question 'Have you made plans for both your digital and physical possessions? DeadSocial provide a free end of life 'digital legacy tool' enabling living Londoners to creatively cross into their real 'Second Life'. James will investigate the ways in which digital and social media are changing the ways we remember and mourn.

Tickets £12 including a Hendrick's Gin Cocktail

Dr. John Troyer is the Deputy Director of the Centre for Death and Society at the University of Bath. His interdisciplinary research focuses on contemporary memorialisation practices, concepts of spatial historiography, and the dead body’s relationship with technology. Dr. Troyer is also a theatre director and installation artist with extensive experience in site-specific performance across the United States and Europe.

James Norris is a lecturer and mentor on Digital & Social Media at University College London, and founder of DeadSocial. DeadSocial is a tool that allows anyone to create scheduled messages. These are distributed across their social networks after we pass away. This allows for final goodbyes to be told whilst enabling us continue to communicate once we have gone.

The Dissenters' Chapel, Kensal Green Cemetery, London. Ticket includes tour of the catacombs.