A Seance at the Dissenters' Chapel with Michael Coffey
Sunday 7th October 2018 from 7:30 pm

The dead are speaking to us all the time in the language of headaches and dreams, omens and premonitions. Twenty people gather in a room: strangers to each other; some perhaps strangers to themselves. As the lights are lowered and the air becomes heavy they have merely to put questions to the darkness and await its answers.

Join MICHAEL COFFEY for a seance in the Dissenters’ Chapel in Kensal Green Cemetery where he will attempt to commune with the spirits of the dead who lie all around and perhaps beyond.

This is a collective experience where dreams are nurtured and imagination given free reign. This is a night where faith, not reason, will give substance. Both skeptics and believers are welcome, but you are asked to leave your preconceptions at the door and prepare to join hands and to have your mind altered and your spirit elevated.

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Michael Coffey
Michael Coffey is a magician and spiritualist, specialising in conversations with the dead, astral travel, telekinesis, mind-reading and past life regressions.

The Venue - Bromptoon Cemetery