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THE MYSTERIES OF MURDER - How Homicide Reflects our World
A Live, Illustrated Zoom Talk with Naomi Ryan
Tuesday 27th October 2020 at 7:00 pm

The components of murder often seem clear cut: a person kills another with malice aforethought. But behind that simple statement is a maze of philosophical, technical and societal quandaries. What is a human? What is death? When is it morally acceptable to deliberately kill someone? Is there anything the state can’t do to catch a killer?

For centuries, juries and judges have considered issues traditionally entrusted to philosophers, academics, religious leaders and scientific luminaries. Their decisions are a snapshots of our society; revealing both our worst prejudices and our greatest values.

In this live online talk, Naomi Ryan will discuss some of the most controversial murder cases in British criminal history, and explore how juries are still expected to consider some of the most cutting edge moral and scientific issues facing society today.

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Naomi Ryan
Naomi Ryan is a criminal lawyer. After qualifying with a Masters in Law from St Catherine’s College, Oxford, she taught criminal law to undergraduates at St Hilda’s College Oxford and University College London before embarking on her career as a criminal barrister, where she both prosecuted and defended. She now works as an advisory lawyer on criminal matters within the Crown Prosecution Service.

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