A Curious Invitation and Antique beat present London Dreaming

A Lucid Dreaming Workshop with Sarah Janes
Sunday 5th May 2019 at 10:00 am to 12 noon

The phenomenon of lucid dreaming - where the sleeper is aware that they are dreaming and can often take control over their dream - can be traced back to the ancient Athens and the early Buddhists. A natural form of virtual reality, lucid dreaming allows you to explore the boundaries of your own being and the limits of the universe.

Sarah Janes has a particular interest in the dream incubation techniques used in the sleep temples of ancient Greece and a guided dream incubation session will form part of this experience. Drawing inspiration from Orphic Mystery initiations and the Victorian splendour of our venue, 'dream as death practice' will be our theme. Participants are advised to bring their own yoga mats, blankets and pillows.

Tickets £15. Please click here to buy.

Sarah Janes
Sarah Janes is a lucid dreaming expert who has been lucid dreaming since early childhood. She's an independent researcher who has written on the subject for The Idler, The Bohemian, The Journal of Paranthropology and Ancient Origins and is writing a book about ancient dream incubation practices in Greece. SJ is also developing lucid dream inspired Virtual Reality experiences and curating events and workshops on the subject.

The Venue - Bromptoon Cemetery