The Man Who Visited Heaven and Hell with Alan Walker
Sunday 28th October 2018 from 3:00 pm

Many Christian writers have attempted to describe what heaven must be like, but only Emanuel Swedenborg (1688 -1772) claimed to have actually visited it.

Swedenborg was a distinguished Swedish scientist, engineer and inventor. While dining in a London tavern in 1743, the Lord Jesus himself appeared and told him that he had been chosen to reveal the secret inner meaning of the scriptures. He resigned his post at the Swedish Board of Mines and developed his own version of Christianity, according to the insights he gained from communications with angels and his own visits to heaven and hell. He also conversed with the inhabitants of other planets from our own solar system and beyond.

He believed that we make our own heaven and hell by the way we live on earth. After death we go to a "World of Spirits" where our true and secret character is revealed and we gravitate towards those similar to ourselves and a heavenly or hellish destiny. He himself founded no school or or church, but his work inspired the Romantic movement. By narrowing and demystifying the distance between this world and the next, Swedenborg made possible the development of both spiritualism, with its messages from the dead, and occultism with its revelations from the hidden 'Masters'.

Alan Walker will tell the story of the man who went to heaven and didn’t have to die to tell the tale.

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Alan Walker
Alan Walker is an Anglican priest and teaches religion and esoteric studies at Florida State University's London centre.

The Venue - Bromptoon Cemetery